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Silvia Grijalba was born in Madrid in 1967. She is a novelist, journalist and songwriter. She published her first novel, Alivio Rápido (Quick Relief), in 2001, followed by Atrapada en el Limbo (Trapped in Limbo) in 2005.

In 1995 she wrote a biography about Depeche Mode. She has also published the essays Dios Salve a la Movida (God Save the Movida, about the Movida Madrileña, Madrid pop scene of the 80's') in 2006 and Palabra de Rock.  Antolología de letristas españoles (Word of Rock.  Anthology of Spanish Lyricists), an anthology of the best Spanish rock poets, in 2008. Her work has been translated into Italian and German.

As a journalist, Silvia Grijalba is one of the essential names in musical journalism and counterculture of the last two decades. She has worked - and still collaborates - in the Culture section of the Spanish publication El Mundo since it was founded, coordinating the music section and reporting on pop culture and counterculture. She has collaborated in magazines such as Rolling Stone, Vogue, Marie Claire, Glamour, Yo Dona, British newspaper The Guardian and TV and radio programmes (Noches Blancas, Dragolandia and D Calle).

Silvia is the director of the Spoken Word Palabra y Música festival and the annual series Poesía del Rock.

Her novel Atrapada en el Limbo (Trapped in Limbo) is in pre-production phase, while she is working on the script together with director and screenwriter Manuel Martín Cuenca.

She's been awarded with the Fernando Lara de Novela Award with her last novel, Contigo aprendí (I Learnt With You).






















Contigo aprendí, de Silvia Grijalba



María Luisa Álvarez Bohem saw how her whole life changed in March, 1930. She had just painfully finished her secret love affair with Fernando Aguirre, the young Count of Montemar, whose family had fallen on hard times and who abandoned her to get married to Marta Gómez de Gaspar, a high society heiress.

In Contigo aprendí (I Learnt With You), Silvia Grijalba recreates a fascinating period through a very sensual language and a transparent style that have made her worthy of Fernando Lara de Novela Award 2011.


+Silvia Grijalba, guest Literature teacher in Thacher School of Ojai, California. 23rd Sept-6th Oct.

































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